​​​Explosion Sound Pack contains 37 high quality, professionally designed explosion sounds. Also includes 150 bonus sounds from Pro Sound Collection. 

Purchase includes 2 separate downloads:

1) 16bit / 44.1K .wav format (1.8 GB) (perfect for Game Developers)

2) 24bit / 96K .wav format (5.4 GB) (perfect for Sound Designers)

Sound packs

​Pro Sound Collection is the highest quality and most affordable sound library on the market. The ultimate collection of 8076 sound effects!!! It contains EVERYTHING from all our other sound packs, plus a lot MORE! 

These sounds are perfect for all types of game developers, sound designers or video editors who need a large range of high quality sound effects that have been cut up, categorised and ready to use. Designed specifically for games, film and other media by award winning sound designers. 

You won't find a better sound collection anywhere! We guarantee you won't be disappointed with Pro Sound Collection.

​​​​​​Fun Casual Sounds contains over 600 sound effects perfect for all types of fun games and presentations.

24bit / 96K (1.1 GB) .Wav file download

24bit / 96K (133 mb) .Wav file download

5/5 User Rating!

Included Sound Packages

Animal Sounds $25

Bullet Impact Sounds $15
Explosion Sound Pack $10
Footstep and Foley Sounds $10
Fun Casual Sounds $15
Fun Character Voices $10

Guns, Bullets and Explosions $35
Gun Sound Pack $19
Human Vocalizations $25
Magic and Spell Sounds $25

Punch Sound Pack $10
Punch and Combat Sounds $29
Retro 8 Bit Sounds $15
Sci-Fi Sounds and Sci-Fi Weapons $25
Silenced Gun Sounds $25
Troll Monster Vocalizations $10

Total value = $303!!

Save time and money get Pro Sound Collection today!

​​Silenced Gun Sounds contains a total of 410 sounds. Including: 102 silenced gun sounds, 132 bullet sounds (flybys, bullet shells) and 176 sounds from Pro Sound Collection

Gamemaster audio specializes in professional sound effects. We strive to create useful and meaningful game sounds in a number of genres. We have been designing sound effects in games for many years and know what it takes to make audio great. You will not be disappointed with our sound effects!

Sound packs contain sounds from Pro Sound Collection. These low cost libraries target a very specific set of sounds.

Everything in the sound packs below is included in Pro Sound Collection!!!  

24bit / 96K (104 mb) .Wav file download

24bit / 96K (247 mb) .Wav file download

24bit / 96K (221 mb) .Wav file download

24bit / 96K (237 mb) .Wav file download

24bit / 96K (188 mb) .Wav file download



​​​​Human Vocalizations contains 1034 vocals sounds. A variety of: Attacking Groans, Battle Shouts, Death Screams, Painful Grunts, Various Efforts, Crying, Laughing and more. Both male and female voice actors.

24bit / 96K (360 mb) .Wav file download

16bit / 44.K (700 mb) .Wav file download​ 24bit / 96K (2.3 GB) .Wav file download

​​​​Animal Sounds contains 1212 sounds. Covering animal impersonations by professional voice actors and also on-location nature and animal recordings.

​​​​Footstep & Foley Sounds contains 511 footstep sounds covering: concrete, dirt, grass, gravel, metal, mud, water, wood, ice and snow. Plus 141 Foley sounds covering a variety of character movement sounds. 

24bit / 48K (182 mb) .Wav file download

​​​​Magic and Spell Sounds contains 682 magic sounds. Elements: electricity, energy, fireballs, ice, vines, rock, wind and water. Covering actions such as: blasts, casting, conjuring, impacts, healing and more.

​​​WARFARE SOUNDS contains sounds from our other sound packages, including:

Gun Sound Pack $19
Bullet Impact Sounds $15
Silenced Gun Sounds $19
Explosion Sound Pack $10
Footstep and Foley Sounds $10

Plus additional content from Pro Sound Collection! This is the ultimate sound package for anyone making a FPS or any type of shooter.

​​​​Punch Sound Pack contains 45 punch sound effects. It also includes 150 bonus sounds effects covering whooshes, UI, males grunts, Foley and others from our full library Pro Sound Collection. 

​​​​Sound Categories:

Alarms / Ambience / Animals / Beeps / Bullets / Buttons / Cartoon / Cinematic / Collectibles / Comedy / Doors / Electricity / Explosions / Fire / Foley / Footsteps / Gas / Guns / Hums / Items / Levers / Misc. / Magic / Nature / Powerups / Punches / Sci-Fi / Snow, Ice / Switches / 8bit / User Interface / Voice / Water  / Weapons / Whooshes and MANY MANY MORE!

​​​​Retro 8 Bit Sounds is a perfect collection of 1001 retro game sound effects. Whether you are making a 2D platformer, space shooter on any type of retro 8 bit themed project, these sounds will be very useful.

​​​ Professional Sound Effects

​​​Troll Monster Vocalizations contains 194 vocals sounds. A variety of different groans, grunts, deaths, shouts, attacks, growls, laughing and more. 

24bit / 96K (52 mb) .Wav file download

24bit / 96K (436 mb) .Wav file download

24bit / 96K (900 mb) .Wav file download

24bit / 96K (374 mb) .Wav file download

24bit / 96K (343 mb) .Wav file download

​​Bullet Impact Sounds contains 153 bullet sound effects(23 bullet flybys and 130 bullet impacts). Bullet impacts cover 16 different surfaces.

​​​​Guns, Bullets and Explosions (3 in 1 sound pack) contains 266 gun sounds, 153 bullet sounds and 37 explosion sounds. 

​​​​Fun Character Voices contains 205 vocalization sound effects perfect for all types of fun games. 

​​​​​Gun Sound Pack contains 266 gun sound effects. Guns included: Pistol, Revolver Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Semi-Auto Rifle, Sub-Machine gun, Machine gun.

​​​​Punch and Combat Sounds contains a total of 720 sounds. Including 68 Punch (including some kicks), 198 Foley, 395 Male Voice Screams, Grunts, etc and 59 Whoosh Sounds

​​​​Sci-fi Sounds and Sci-fi Weapons contains 287 high quality Sci-Fi sound effects. Covering ambiences, general sounds and weapons. Plus an additional 645 bonus sounds covering guns, 8bit sci fi and general sounds.

Pro Sound Collection

24bit / 96K (553 mb) .Wav file download

16bit / 44.1K (100 mb) .Wav file download