Most frequent questions and answers

Yes! All our sound effects can be used in commercial projects. Once you purchase from our website you have a full license to use the sounds in your projects. Please read our Licensing Agreement for more information. 

Both Unity and Unreal purchases come as packaged content ready to use within those engines. Generally you need to import the entire package into your project before you can listen to the files or choose what you want to use. You can export the .wav files but it can be very time consuming. Whereas on this website (www.gamemasteraudio.com) you get direct access to everything in .wav format. Which is much more flexible. You can listen to and edit the files in any software. You can also import only the sounds you need into any game engine or software. We always recommend that having the files in .wav format as the best option.      

16bit audio files are used by game engines and are the best format for game developers. 24bit audio files are mainly used by professional sound designers that want to further edit, layer and mix the audio files. We supply both versions of the files for Pro Sound Collection so no matter if you are a game developer or professional sound designer we have the best format for you. 

All updates are sent out via email, so when purchasing please include your email address during checkout.  

As much as we would love to help with your projects. We currently don’t have the time to take on most freelance work.

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