Fun Animal Voices

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Fun Animal Voices is a fun and one of a kind animal sound library. Containing a massive 1085 sound effects. Professional voice actors impersonating animal voices. Plus 127 bonus nature recordings of birds, swamps, etc.

Animals included: Bear, Cat, Chicken, Cow, Crow/Raven, Dogs (small, large), Duck, Frog, Goat, Gorilla, Hippo, Horse, Hyena, Lizard, Monkey, Mouse, Owl, Pig, Peacock, Pigeon, Rabbit, Seagull, Seal/Walrus, Sheep, Snake, Sparrow, Tasmanian Devil (comical), Turkey/Ostrich, Tweety Bird, Vulture, Wolf, Zebra.

So these sounds are hilarious and are perfect for games that want some funny animal voices. So good made they will make you laugh.

ALL sounds from Fun Animal Voices are included our full sound collection Pro Sound Collection. So you need more sounds be sure to check it out.

So. Yo.



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