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WARFARE SOUNDS is a massive collection of professionally recorded, edited and designed sound effects. Made specifically for games by award winning sound designers.

WARFARE SOUNDS contains 2492 sound effects. Including guns, bullet flybys, bullet impacts, silenced guns, explosions, footsteps, Foley, nature ambiances and more! So epic!

WARFARE SOUNDS contains sounds from our other sound packages, including:

Gun Sound Pack $19
Bullet Impact Sounds $15
Silenced Gun Sounds $25
Explosion Sound Pack $10
Footstep and Foley Sounds $10

Total value $79

Plus additional content from Pro Sound Collection! This is the ultimate sound package for anyone making a FPS or any type of shooter.

ALL sounds from WARFARE SOUNDS are already included in our full package Pro Sound Collection. So if you need more sounds. Be sure to check it out before purchase.


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